Loïc Favant
The CFO beekeeper

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Member of management committees, mountain lover (several expeditions to the Himalayas), Loïc is convinced that giving each individual confidence is a major key to individual fulfillment and collective performance; he set up a Leadership Development program at Cisco EMEA in 2015.


Passionate about bees, successful social animals for more than 50 million years, Loïc founded Happycultures to better observe them, understand them, and help them regain the autonomy they have lost since humans domesticated them.





Food for thought

Inspiring people to do better together


« In a world where we over-explain everything, I like to have these moments of inspiration where there is no: "and what are you going to do with it afterwards; it creates a very interesting mental space.

Joanna Bissada, Executive Coach, Supervision & support of Organisations


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