Simplify your challenges


Treat yourself to two hours and immerse your Comex in a bubble of inspiration


Finance Director at Cisco, now beekeeper, Loïc makes you the protagonist of a story in which the beehive is the mirror of your company


Be inspired by the amazing operational excellence of bees


Discuss all together: what are the levers of your collective performance?


Draft solutions as a team

« Passionate and fascinating! Looking at the world of bees tells us so much about our world... its riches and its limits. And Loïc knows exactly how to make the connection! What a delight!

Mélanie Berger, President CJD

« Thank you for this conference, both deep and light, where parallels between  the world of bees and Management were not forced, but rather provided good food for thought and managerial action to build Corporate culture over the long term.

Christophe Gougne, Management consultant- Facilitator

« Following the life of a beehive over the course of a year, Loïc Favant shared with the members of the Réseau Oudinot his passion for and extensive knowledge of this universe. Without ever yielding to the temptation of anthropomorphism, he highlighted the workings of a society based on a clear distribution of the roles assigned to each of its members, devoid of any individual ego, in the service of a single purpose: the survival of the collective. A fascinating talk from start to finish, which transported us for an evening into a sphere that was both bucolic and inspiring. Thank you Loïc!

Isabelle Piscot, Director réseau Oudinot

Simplify your challenges


Treat yourself to two hours and immerse your Comex in a bubble of inspiration



Member of management committees and a keen mountaineer (with several expeditions to the Himalayas), Loïc is convinced that building confidence in each individual, based on who they are, is a major key to individual fulfilment and collective performance. He set up a Leadership Development programme at Cisco EMEA in 2015.


Fascinated by bees, social animals that have been performing for over 50 million years, Loïc founded Happycultures to observe them and understand them better.